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UTest 12-Panel Test

UTest 12-Panel Test

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The Utest All-in-One 12 Panel Drug Testing Kit is a private at home multi-test that detects various drug metabolites in urine. It has a 12-panel multi-testing filter and detects drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, opiates, MDMA, AMP, BAR, MTD, Oxy, PCP, TCA, THC and benzodiazepine. It is a onestep, easy to use, self-testing device. The kit gives an accurate result within 5 minutes. 


Made in the United States of America, this Utest All-in-One 12 Panel Drug Testing Kit is both discrete and reliable, making it easy and convenient to test at home. This kit stands as highly sensitive equipment that measures drug levels as low as 15 ng/mL. The instructions can be accessed on the label of the pouch by peeling back the left-hand corner of the instructions. 


User Guide
Simply dip the strip into a cup of your urine, replace the cap and wait 5 minutes for the results. The results will show whether or not there are metabolites of certain drugs in your urine. Clear instructions & test interpretations are provided on the packaging. This product is not a detox product so it's not edible nor should it be consumed in any way.


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