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High Five Vape E-Nail with Glass Rig 19+

High Five Vape E-Nail with Glass Rig 19+

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HIGH5 LED Basic E-Nail

  • How much do you spend on butane every month?
  • Tired of your nail being too hot or too cold and not having control of your nail temp?
  • Do you want to buy a reliable and affordable e-nail without having to compromise quality?
  • Do you want to start saving money and at the same time improve/enhance your vaporization experience?
  • Tired of other E-nail companies that mislead customers about their warranty or don't honor their warranty at all?

If you answered YES to the questions above then you came to the right place. HIGH5 produces the most affordable E-nails currently on the market without sacrificing quality or reliability and all the while still maintaining a warranty that is better than any of our competitors. Our enails function the same and are just as reliable at a fraction of the price not to mention backed by the HIGH5 customer service team. The unit includes a 6ft long non-flammable coil, an 8ft long auto locking power cord, a temperature control box with a digital display and a detailed user manual.





We have the best warranty of any e-nail currently on the market. Everything from the box, coil and power cord are covered under a full 1 year warranty. Many companies claim they have a 1 year, 2 year or lifetime Warranty but once you read the fine print you'll find out they really only cover the box and if your coil stops functioning after only 60-90 days you"ll have to purchase a new one. Funny thing is the coil is the part that will most likely need to be replaced if anything goes wrong.



Our units are the most affordable on the market hands down. We offer way more for way less. All our units except the Basic and older models include a USB port for charging anything from vape pens to your phone, they also have a separate ON/OFF for both the coil and power cord so you don't have to worry about your coil heating up as soon as you turn the unit on! Our coils have gold plated XLRs for improved connectivity and are 6ft long. Our power cords are 8ft long that auto lock into each unit. Even compared to units on Amazon/Alibaba/DH Gate our units are still more affordable when you factor in shipping and let's not forget warranty, nothing's worse than having to spend $20-$30 to send your broken unit back to China out of your own pocket and waiting 2 weeks for it to be returned... if it ever gets returned. Even worse is when you purchase from an American based company and they don't honor their warranty and all you get is frustration from being ignored. If you purchase from us and anything goes wrong simply contact us and you'll be replied to within 24 hours. The components used in our enails are of the highest quality, most of which are CE or UL certified. You'll never find wires that have been glued, male connectors or any other sign of poor craftsmanship in our E-nails.



  • Digital Display
  • Dimensions: 5x3x2
  • Extremely Compact
  • Auto System Tuning
  • 8ft Long Power Cord
  • Built in Feet for Stability
  • Grounded/Fuse Protected
  • Last Set Temperature Memory
  • CE & UL Certified Components
  • Coil Connection: 5PIN Female XLR
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty(Including the Coil)
  • Temperature Range: 0F-1200F. Recommended Usage Below 1000F
  • High Quality Thermocouple that Detects Real Time Temp Changes. Most Companies Use Poor Quality Thermocouples that do not detect Temperature Changes Giving the Impression that They're "Stable"


Unit Includes:

  • (1) - Click to Download User Manual
  • (1) - Control Box with Digital Display
  • (1) - 8ft Long Auto Locking Power Cord
  • (1) - 6ft Long Coil
  • (1) - 14mm male Quartz E-Banger and Carb Cap
  • (1) - Glass Water Rig


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