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Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex 32oz Detox Drink - Strawberry Mango

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex 32oz Detox Drink - Strawberry Mango

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Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex is a 32 oz detox premium drink with a one step cleansing system for people with high toxin levels or large body mass. It provides the strongest blend of herbal technology to flush through your body & cleanse unwanted toxins out of your system. 

  • Strong blend of herbs to cleanse and detox the body and eliminate toxins from lifestyle choices
  • Formulated with natural ingredients from different powerful herbs that can deliver a highly effective cleanse detox and repair formula
  • The added nutrients help to replace lost nutrients and bring the body back into balance

This premium detox drink is formulated with vitamins, minerals and herbs, including biotin, vitamin D3, milk thistle weed, vitamin B12 and more


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