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BoroBuddy Magnetic Bong Glass Cleaner & Hookah Cleaner Set

BoroBuddy Magnetic Bong Glass Cleaner & Hookah Cleaner Set

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  • ✅ EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE - Easily and effortlessly scrub away burnt on or caked on resin and biofilm from your bong, hookah, bubbler, or water pipe. The magnetic handle and magnetic scrubbing pad holder work like magic for fast cleaning and deodorizing!
  • ✌️ SAFE FOR YOUR GLASS - Don't worry about knocking over your delicate glass pieces or rigs when cleaning. With BoroBuddy, you don't need to use an unwieldy brush or shake the tube. Our anti resin pads won't scratch your glass and are made from recycled materials.
  • 😎 NO MESS DESIGN - Our uniquely engineered magnet design keeps your hands completely free from the inside of your tube. That means no stinky sticky rez on your hands during or after cleaning. Go from scrubbing to smoking in seconds!
  • 💨 CLEANER SMOOTHER HITS - Keep your lungs clear and your hits fresh with just a few seconds of easy cleaning. Did you know that biofilm buildup doesn't just ruin the taste of your bong rips? It also adds dirty particles into your smoke or vapor.
  • 🌲 MADE IN USA – SnowTree’s cleaning kit is made from non toxic, recycled and biodegradable materials. Help promote a green friendly USA based small business by joining our loyal legion of 420 fans...Click Add-to-Cart to order yours Today!


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