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510 Battery Ooze Movez Wireless Speaker *Sale*

510 Battery Ooze Movez Wireless Speaker *Sale*

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The Ooze Movez is a fun vaporizer that has a built-in wireless speaker that connects to a smartphone to play music. A 510 thread magnetic adapter attaches to the bottom of a pre-filled oil cartridge, and then it drops in the chamber to connect. The center button controls the speaker component.

Features WIRELESS SPEAKER | The Ooze Movez is a vape battery with a wireless speaker. It connects to a smartphone to play music and shows up as Ooze Movez in the phone’s device pairing list. 510 THREAD | The Movez vape battery has a uses a 510 thread magnetic adapter to attach a pre-filled oil cartridge. Screw it on the bottom of the cartridge and drop the cart into the chamber. AUTO SHUT-OFF | The speaker function of the Movez will shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity. The speaker uses more energy than the vape function, so this conserves battery power. LED LIGHTS | This device uses an LED light ring around the center button to indicate power status, connectivity, and lights up while music is playing and during an inhale. AUTO DRAW | This is an auto draw device, which means you simply inhale to take a pull. The vape function is always on, so take a pull at any time. The center button only controls the speaker function, and the speaker does not have to be turned on to use the vape.

What's In The Box 1 x Ooze Movez Bluetooth Speaker And 510 Battery


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